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Car Care Months


Car Care Months ~ April & October



National Car Care months are a great opportunity to communicate with and educate legislators and regulators about the importance of regular and routine vehicle maintenance and repairs.  April and October are designated as National Car Care Months.  The Car Care Council provides helpful information including how to kits, car care guides, sample news releases and other materials and tips to get you started and help spread the word.   For more information please visit the Car Care Council website at www.carcare.org.



Keep in mind to plan ahead -- at least 6 – 9 months -- in advance to coordinate a Car Care centered event. 



Things for associations and businesses to consider during car care months –



  • Host a community car care fair or free vehicle check up event.


  • Issue a news release.


  • Post a Facebook or Twitter message.


  • Send a letter or email to your state legislature with a Car Care Guide informing them about Car Care Month.


  • Conduct a “legislative drop” (visit the state capitol and drop off information at each legislator’s capitol office) with an appropriate token/leave behind and Car Care Guide highlighting Car Care Month.


  • Write an Opinion-Editorial or Letter-to-the-Editor.


  • Draft an article and offer to legislator for their constituent newsletter or to post on their web site (samples provided in Appendix A)


For samples, helpful tips and information and to access the Car Care Month Toolkit please visit the Car Care Council website at www.carcare.org.





1.       News release #1


2.       News release #2


3.       Opinion Editorial #1


4.       Opinion Editorial #2


5.       Article for Legislator Publication or Web Site #1


6.       Article for Legislator Publication or Web Site #2


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