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Industry Alerts & Calls to Action


Industry Alerts and Calls to Action  


Communicating with industry participants including association members, customers and colleagues about important legislative and regulatory matters is important to generate awareness of an issue, to engage participation or stimulate people to take action.  


Often times these communications are referred to as “Legislative Alert”, “Flash Report” or “Call to Action”.   Below are steps that may help you to create this communication tool.






  • Begin with title: Make it urgent if that is true of the subject. If it is background information or not urgent, reflect that in the title. Standardize the title for all the same types of information so that interested recipients begin to look for the communications.


  • Paragraph or explanation of the issue.


  • Explain what you want them to take action about.


  • Include talking points about the issue/action to be taken.



  • Specify if a specific sector of the industry must get involved!


  • Please Act Today!


  • Attach sample letters or materials to help your members/participants create whatever form or action you want them to take.


  • Include contact information for those you want them to contact by call or letter, as well as a contact in your office if they have questions.


  • Remember, be specific about how they can take action, make it easy, include samples, phone/fax numbers, etc. 



Political Giving and Reporting Requirements


Please remember that each state has their own laws governing political giving including reporting requirements relating to political giving, campaign contributions (PAC’s), lobbying and gift limits, to name a few.  It is important that you check your state’s laws prior to conducting any type of political giving including, gifts to legislators, regulators and their staffs, campaign and/or political contributions, and lobbying. 


In addition, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has guidelines for notifying association members about lobbying activities of tax exempt organizations on an annual basis.  Work with your attorney or legislative advocate to be certain you are following all current laws and disclosure requirements.      




1.       Sample Template for Alert/Report/Call to Action

  • Inform
  • Educate
  • Communicate
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