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Legislative Resolutions


Legislative Resolutions/Proclamations



Legislative Proclamations or Resolutions are an expression of a legislative intent or position.  Unlike proposed legislation or “bills”, which seek to either create a new law, or change or amend an existing law legislative proclamations or resolutions are non-binding and typically highlight an industry, cause or specific event.



Each state legislature has their own rules with respect to adopting resolutions and proclamations.  It is recommended that you work with your legislative advocate or contact your legislature to determine how to go about developing a resolution/proclamation in your state. Either or both houses of your state’s legislature can provide resolutions/proclamations.    



Below are sample legislative resolutions and governor’s proclamations that have been passed and adopted in two states – California and Arizona.  These resolutions/proclamations aim to showcase the independent automotive aftermarket industry and highlight national car care month.  The language in these documents may be used to develop your own resolution/proclamation in your state. 





Why would your association want to do this?




Because legislative resolutions and proclamations are expressions of legislative intent or position they are part of the public record and can be shared with other state legislatures or federal lawmakers to create awareness for the aftermarket industry. 



In addition, associations may use the success of passage of a resolution/proclamation to help with member recruitment and retention efforts, create media buzz for your state association through news releases and other media channels, promote to other lawmakers and industry professionals and help build support for your government affairs program. 





1. Arizona


2. California 


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