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Social Media Outreach


Social Media Outreach



Social media marketing is the process of marketing through social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube. By utilizing the social aspect of the web, social media marketing is able to connect and interact on a much more personalized and dynamic level than through traditional marketing.



A social media marketing strategy can be as simple as having a company blog, a Twitter account, or attaching "Digg This" and "Tweet This" tags to the end of articles. It can also be as complicated as having a full campaign that encompasses blogs, Twitter, social networking and videos through YouTube.



Make sure you link any social media tools you choose to use to each other and to your website.



Samples of Common Social Media Venues:



Twitter - Twitter is a social site designed to let people share short messages or “updates” with others – limited to 140 characters. www.twitter.com



Facebook - Facebook, in contrast is a full-blown social networking site that allows for sharing updates, photos, joining events, organizations, and a variety of other activities.  www.facebook.com



Why Use Social Marketing to Communicate with legislators and regulators



Many legislators, regulators and their staff’s follow social media sites to gain information about issues, to gauge public opinion about an issue, and to communicate their views to their constituents. 



In turn, the use of social media sites by the automotive aftermarket industry professionals helps to build consumer support for our issues outside of our industry, which in turn leads to greater support by lawmakers for that issue or industry concern.  For example, you may become a ‘fan’ of a legislator’s Facebook page and post information about issues the industry is following or may be of concern on that page.  By signing up on Twitter, you may also follow a legislator on their Twitter account to learn first-hand what that legislator may be doing about a particular subject or issue.   



Social Media Marketing and Social News



The simplest form of social media marketing is to tag articles and blog entries for easy submission and voting on social news sites like Digg. If you've ever come across a Digg vote counter or a Share This widget at the end of an article, you've seen this form of social media marketing in action.  This type of marketing can often be automated, so it is simple to implement. It can also be very effective for media companies, and can be a great way to promote a company blog.



Social Media Marketing and Social Networking through Facebook



It has become increasingly important to have a presence on social networking sites like Facebook. In addition to these popular social networks, there are also many specialized social networks that might be the perfect place to set up camp for specific products.



Social networks not only give the marketer a place to get the word out, they also provide a place to interact with customers and allow customers to interact with each other. This can be a great starting point for the marketing to go viral and develop a grassroots effort.



Social Media Marketing and Twitter



Twitter has become a great place for social media marketing. While Twitter has grown far beyond its microblogging roots, it is important to think of Twitter as similar to a company blog. While the primary purpose is to get the word out, it is just as important to add a personal touch rather than relying on RSS feeds to deliver stale press releases or simply repeat the company blog.



In addition to growing the amount of followers, Twitter can be particularly effective when interacting with customers and fans.



Social Media Marketing and YouTube



Some of the most effective social media marketing strategies center around YouTube and the viral video. While often more time-consuming and expensive, YouTube can easily become the centerpiece of a larger social media campaign.



Because of its social nature, YouTube can be a great way to interact with customers and get them involved with the marketing as well as the product. An excellent example of social media marketing on YouTube done well was Microsoft's response to the "I'm a Mac" commercials.



The more you interact with the customer, the more brand loyalty you build.


Source:  What is Social Media Marketing? And How Social Media Marketing Can Help You  From Daniel Nations, former About.com Guide



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