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~ Frequently Asked Questions ~



How did this program get started?



In state capitols nationwide industry advocates are faced with the challenge of educating legislative bodies about the value and importance of aftermarket replacement parts and service companies  contribute to the nation’s economy and the motoring public.  Often times, when describing aftermarket replacement parts and service, words like ‘imitation’, ‘inferior’, ‘not of like kind and quality’ are used by our opposition to confuse policymakers and discredit our industry.  



Aiming to increase the recognition of state policymakers to the major positive economic and consumer benefits generated by automotive aftermarket parts and service industry, the Alliance of State Automotive Aftermarket Associations (ASAAA) embarked on a national industry education and awareness program with the goal of promoting to state legislators, key staff and policymakers across the country the importance, quality, value and availability of aftermarket replacement parts and services.      




Why is there a need for such a project?



Because states are taking the initiative on many legislative fronts, it is more critical than ever to undertake a strong, aggressive and consistent program to educate state legislators on the economic importance of the aftermarket.




How was the project paid for?



Voluntary contributions were solicited and received from the following: 



Advance Auto Parts;  ASAAA ; Automotive Aftermarket Industry Assn.  (AAIA) ; Automotive Aftermarket Suppliers Assn.   (AASA) ; Automotive Warehouse Distributors Assn. (AWDA) ; AutoZone  ; General Parts, Inc. – CARQUEST ; Genuine Parts Company – NAPA; LKQ Corporation; Remy Power Products  ; Robert Bosch Corporation.



Who are the end-users of this project?



End users of the project are Industry Advocacy Associations, Organizations and Aftermarket Companies.  This campaign creates a blueprint and provides state associations and companies with information, innovative tools and resources to communicate key industry messages to policymakers in their own state capitols throughout the country.



When and how will you roll out the Legislator Awareness Program?



The project officially rolled out in 2012 with the launch of the comprehensive and information packed project web site.  This web site will include easy to use “how to guides” and documents available for download that all aftermarket associations and companies can tailor with their logos, personal stories and information for their own specific use in their states.    Project demonstrations and tutorials are available to any aftermarket association or company who may have an interest.  In addition, we will work with industry media to get the word out about this important project.                 



What type of success stories do you see coming out of this Legislator Awareness Program?



We hope this program will help the industry speak with a unified and consistent voice to educate, inform and communicate with new and returning lawmakers in all states about the quality, availability and lower cost consumer alternative of aftermarket replacement parts.  The success of this program will help to ensure consistency and fairness in the government affairs process and eliminate the misconception about the value and importance that aftermarket replacement parts and service play in the American economy.



Can I get a Project Demonstration or Tutorial presented to my members/customers?



Yes, simply contact ASAAA Executive Director Gary Manke at 1-608-2066 or info@asaaa.com




How do I get more information?




To learn more about this program contact ASAAA Executive Director Gary Manke at 1-608-240-2066 or info@asaaa.com

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